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16 February 2021 - 17 February 2021
II Solar Energy Business Mixer B2B EEN Meetings

II Solar Energy Business Mixer

On-line B2B EEN Meetings 

16-17 of February 2021

Don't miss a chance to talk directly with future business partner!

Participation is free of charge.

On-line B2B EEN Meetings: for whom? 

The B2B meetings are dedicated to PV entrepreneurs and organisations. Companies creating the supply chain, i.e. component manufacturers, service companies, consultants, construction, power sales and services, Fabs & Equipments, Material & Components, Silicon & Cells, Modules, Systems, BOS companies are particularly welcome.

B2B Meetings: general principles and registration procedure.

B2B meetings are 20-minute, pre-arranged sessions will enable participants to establish relations, find centres for a joint research project or make a technology transfer with new business partners across the entire pv supply chain.

In order to do so, it is necessary: register, present yourself and your company's offer and select the participants with whom you will meet during the event.

When will it take plac

Due to the COVID-19 situation the meetings will be held on-line only.

Date: February 16-17 from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Why is it worth taking part in it?

  • Previously agreed meetings with selected potential partners
  • Possibility of initiating international cooperation
  • Exchange of experiences with companies from Poland and European countries
  • Meetings and exchange of views with pv and related industry experts
  • Establishment of technological and business cooperation
  • Support for the expansion of an international company
  • Access to knowledge about new technologies and solutions


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Participants 111
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